We’ve Reached the Summit of the Great Loop – 7/28/16

First of All –

  • First time ever in a Canadian Tire Store

Namely Speaking-

  • Rottenstone Island
  • Fothergill Island
  • Fulton Bog
  • Pigeon Lake
  • Dead Horse Shoal
  • Bobcaygeon
  • Fenellon Falls
  • Balsam Lake
  • Rosedale Lock

Loop Log:

  • Miles Cruised today: Power: 36; Sail: NA
  • Total Miles Cruised to date: 5,998
  • Hours Underway: 6
  • Fuel: NA
  • Morning House Battery Reading: 12.47
  • Wind Speed: light ; Wind Direction: variable
  • Daily High Temperature: 80
  • Water Temperature: 77

DSCF5839Here just above Rosedale Lock I’m having a bit of difficulty breathing. I suspect this is due to the thinness of the air, considering that today we reached the highest elevation on the entire Great Loop. We’re currently 841 feet above sea level, having reached this lofty elevation by ascending a total of 89 locks since leaving the Hudson River. From here on it will all be downhill, or downstream, until we reach the level of Lakes Huron and Michigan.

Our day’s run begins early, shortly after 6am, with a lot of open water to cross on the way to Bobcaygeon Lock. We pass through SturgeonDSCF5848 Lake on smooth waters, beneath overcast skies. We time our arrival at the lock perfectly, entering the lock chamber on the first opening of the day, just past 9am. With minimal delay we’re soon on our way, heading for the next lock, at the busy tourist town of Fenellon Falls. We reach the lock by noon, lock up, and then tie up to the north wall. We picnic at a shady table next to the lock, and then go for a short walk into town. I end up hiking down the road to the Canadian Tire Store. I’ve heard a lot about these stores, which are located all across Canada. What Tim Hortons is for donuts, Canadian Tire is to just about everything else. They carry tires, auto accessories, hardware, housewares, camping gear, lawn and yard stuff – well, you get the picture. I’m in search of a couple of sockets for the socket tool I use to rig the boat. Last time I put the mast up I dropped a 7/16 socket into the drink, and I want to buy a replacement. Canadian Tire comes through just fine. Sandy has stopped off at a grocery to pick up a few food items, which are just about the only things Canadian Tire doesn’t carry. We walk back to the boat, grab some ice cream, get ice for the cooler, and then we’re off. It’s a short run across Cameron Lake to Rosedale Lock, which lifts us the final 4 feet to the top of the Loop. We’re now floating at 841 feet above sea level and all the remaining locks will be dropping us down. Tomorrow we’ll reach the Kirkfield Lift Lock, similar in design to the Peterborough Lift Lock, only with a somewhat smaller lift. We’ll then enter into a long, narrow, straight and, from what I’ve heard, rather boring canal stretch, with frequent locks which will steadily lower us down to Lake Simcoe. I’m hoping we can get as far as Simcoe tomorrow, but the locks may prevent that, if we encounter substantial delays. I plan on an early start tomorrow, so we’ll have the best chance possible of reaching Simcoe. It will feel good to get back down to a lower elevation where the air is a bit denser.











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