Too Sore to Travel – 6/11/16

First of All –

  • First day spent mostly lying down

Namely Speaking-

  • Prednisone

Loop Log:

  • Miles Cruised today: 0
  • Total Miles Cruised to date: 5,176
  • Hours Underway: NA
  • Fuel: NA
  • Morning House Battery Reading: 14.3 (plugged in)
  • Wind Speed: 12; Wind Direction: SW
  • Daily High Temperature: 72
  • Water Temperature: 71

DSCF4168Today is our 47th wedding anniversary, but not spent in the most ideal fashion. We plan to hang out here so I can see how I respond to the prednisone, which I start taking this morning. I discover one thing right away. The ibuprofen which I’ve been tossing down at maximum dosage have definitely been helpful. I know this because I can’t take them in conjunction with the steroids, and my hip and leg are really shouting at me this morning without them. I hobble over with Sandy to a neat breakfast place called Historic Grounds, but struggle to enjoy breakfast. I have to stand most of the time, since sitting simply isn’t an option. We walk back to the boatDSCF4169 and I lie down for much of the day, hoping that rest will settle the upset nerve down. I really don’t know what’s best, rest or movement like walking. And I can’t help but ponder the future if things don’t improve, and soon. I do get up and we walk around in the late afternoon, and the walking seems to do me some good. We check out an old 3 story brick building which is seriously bulging out at mid level. It can’t be long for this world, and I can’t imagine why it’s allowed to stand in such precarious condition. A single strand of yellow ribbon is tied around part of the building. I walk up onto a bridge and take pictures of our boat, tied up along the town dock between two large looping power boats. While barbqueing dinner, I chat with the guy in front of us and learn that, several years ago he phoned me up. He was considering buying a MacGregor (he did and still owns it), and he’d seen the blog on our Alaska trip. It’s fun talking with him, and distracts me from my leg pain. Tomorrow morning I take my second dose of prednisone and I’m hoping that I’ll fee up to untieing the boat and heading into Lock 12. After passing that lock we’ll be at the headwaters of Lake Champlain. The winds are forecast to be very strong tomorrow, however the first 20 to 30 miles of lake are extremely narrow and twisty, so it will be more like the upper Hudson than a large open water lake. We can stop at a marina before the lake widens out, and wait for good weather, if necessary, from there. One way or another we need to get up to Plattsburg NY, at the north end of the lake, in order to have reasonable access to doctor services, if that seems necessary.


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