Last Day Together for 3 Looping MacGregors – 6/1/16

First of All –

  • First bird – mute swan
  • First time 3 loop cruisings Macs go out to dinner with a MacGregor Sailors web page moderator

Namely Speaking-

  • Saugerties
  • The Maelstrom
  • Catskill
  • Coxsackie
  • Coeymans
  • Albany

Loop Log:

  • Miles Cruised today: Power: 60; Sail: 0
  • Total Miles Cruised to date: 5,104
  • Hours Underway: 8 1/2
  • Fuel: NA
  • Morning House Battery Reading: 12.7
  • Wind Speed: light; Wind Direction: N
  • Daily High Temperature: 85
  • Water Temperature: 72

DSCF3813Today will be the last day our 3 MacGregors will be cruising together. We get an early 6:30am start so as to benefit from the morning flood current. Rich leads the way and I follow. Lee starts a bit later, since he must row Boomer, his faithful dog, ashore for some important business. Before we’ve gone very far upriver, however, Lee catches up and then passes us. We keep in touch over the radio, and Rich establishes contact with Steve, the MacGregorSailors moderator, who livesDSCF3815 near Albany. Steve wants to photograph all 3 of our boats together before we put in at Albany Yacht Club. We arrange to meet Steve at Green Marker 205. I speed up and Rich slows down, so we can arrive at the rendezvous point close together. Steve is waiting for us with his camera set up on a tripod. We circle around and say hello, and then pass by in close formation. We figure this is a somewhat unique event, and we’re enjoying the experience, as is Steve. We feel properly welcomed to the Albany area, and then continue another 6 miles upriver, to the Albany Yacht Club docks. All 3 of us stop for fuel and then tie up at their docks for the night.

Once we’re secured the chores begin. We all pull our dinghies up onto the dock for cleaning and stowage. It’s a hot afternoon, so this chore is quite draining. We have just enough time to hit the showers afterward before it’s dinner time. Steve, his wife, and daughter arrive at the marina at 6pm and then shuttle us to their favorite dinner spot. We settle in at a nice, long table for a delightful evening of sailing and cruising stories. Steve is one of the primary website moderators, and since we all regularly use the website, we DSCF3822really appreciate the work he and the other moderators do in keeping this website the top notch site that it is. It’s a great resource for MacGregor boat owners. The time passes all too quickly, and after dinner Steve shuttles us back to our boats. Tomorrow will begin the process of parting ways. We’ll bid farewell to Jill Kristy and Seeker. They will both begin their westward passage along the Erie Canal. At the Oswego Canal Rich and Jill will turn north for Lake Ontario, while Lee andDSCF3832 Becky will stick to the Erie Canal for its entire length. We will be taking a week long break from cruising before starting our cruise up the Champlain Canal and Lake, on our way to the St. Lawrence River. In the morning I’ll pick up a rental car and we’ll then drive some 220 miles west to Wayne County, where Sandy will pursue information on her ancestors, who first moved there in 1824, the year before the Erie Canal was completed. On Saturday we’ll return to the boat and then take off on Sunday for a visit with an old high school friend of mind, who lives in nearby Troy. On Monday we’ll drive north and east, heading for Mt. Washington, Mass., where her ancestors lived prior to and during the Revolutionary War. She hopes to find some traces of them there. Following these road trips we’ll lower our mast, provision up, and do final preparations for the start of the northern lock and canal phase of our trip. I’ll be taking a break from posting while these side trips are ongoing.













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