Crew Change – 5/9/16

First of All –

  • First time riding on light rail

Loop Log:

  • Miles Cruised today: 0 – Layover Day
  • Total Miles Cruised to date: 4,565
  • Hours Underway: NA
  • Fuel: NA
  • Morning House Battery Reading: 12.7
  • Wind Speed: 10; Wind Direction: N
  • Daily High Temperature: 67
  • Water Temperature: 57

The boat is astir by 4am. Peter and Mary Ann have an airport shuttle to catch at 5. I walk with them across the deserted boulevard, and their driver shows up right on time. We say our goodbyes and they drive down the road, headed for BWI airport. I walk back to the boat and crawl back into the sack. It feels great to get back into the Vee berth (while Peter and Mary Ann have been aboard I’ve been worming my way into a very tight space in the aft king berth area, between folding bicycles and tubs of gear). I sleep until 8am, and then get busy. I reorganize the king berth, fill the water tank, make one more trip over to Whole Foods for some more sweet rolls, pick up a bag of ice, and do a general straightening of the boat. Once all is ready, I fix some lunch and then walk 3 blocks north, toward the light rail station right in front of Camden Yards baseball stadium.

DSCF3189It’s a tough call on what mode of transportation to take to the airport. Option A is to rent a car, probably for 2 days at around $45 per day. I would then need to pay for 2 days of parking garage space, probably another $40. I’d need to pay for parking at the airport, at least $15 more. The drive to the airport would take close to an hour. In addition, I’d spend an hour or two picking up and dropping off the car. Option B is to pay around $100 for shuttle rides to and from the airport. Option C is to walk 3 blocks to the light rail station, pay my round trip fare of $1.40, and wait 20 minutes for the next train to the airport. Sandy’s one way fare is an additional $.70. Oh yes, the light rail gets me to the airport in just 30 minutes. Talk about economy, convenience and efficiency. The train takes me right to the terminal, and it’s just a short walk to the area where Sandy’s flight will arrive. The plane gets in 20 minutes early, and it’s great to see her walking down the corridor. We retrieve her checked luggage and walk back to the train platform. Five minutes later we’re rolling down the tracks, and 30 minutes after that we’re walking along the streets of Baltimore to the Inner Harbor. Too bad for Peter and Mary Ann that the light rail doesn’t run between midnight and 6am.

Sandy is starving, so we toss her luggage into the boat and walk over to the Rusty Scupper for a quick dinner. We have just enough time to catch the water taxi over to Harbor East. On one of my earlier treks over there I had spotted a movie theater which is showing the new Jungle Book film. We get there just in time, and have a fun time at the show. It’s been more than a full day for us both, and we have a lot to talk about on our way back to the boat.

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