Red Sky at night – Sailors delight – 1/30/16 supplement

We enjoy a tasty spaghetti and meatball dinner out in the cockpit, before the sun sets and the no see ums take over. We retreat to the cabin and while Sandy washes up dishes I give the weather forecasts a final look. I’m more than pleased with what I see. The latest forecast looks appreciably better than the one this morning. I like trends that are moving in the right direction. Then, as if on cue, the sky makes up for it’s misleading rosy sunrise and treats us to a lovely red sky at sunset. We are indeed delighted, and looking forward to tomorrow’s crossing.DSCF0221

2 thoughts on “Red Sky at night – Sailors delight – 1/30/16 supplement

  1. Mike and Sandy…so glad you have “shoved off” and have resumed your Loop Cruise adventure. I look forward to tomorrow’s posting to see how the crossing went…!
    All is good here…temps in the 40’s. I wonder if we have “turned the corner” on winter, and are heading more towards Spring temps!
    Take care.

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