Heading the Wrong Way on the Caloosahatchee – 1/10/16

First of All –

  • First day under way following our Christmas break

Namely Speaking-

  • Panda Bear

Loop Log:

  • Miles Cruised today: Power: 9; Sail: 0
  • Total Miles Cruised to date: 2,338
  • Hours Underway: 2
  • Fuel:
  • Morning House Battery Reading: 14.5 (plugged in)
  • Wind Speed: 12 mpy; Wind Direction: NW
  • Daily High Temperature: 72
  • Water Temperature: 70

Periodic shots of rain greet us this morning. We use the time doing the laundry we couldn’t get done yesterday. Sandy also grabs a shower. We walk back and forth to the restroom/shower building in between rainy periods. It’s noon time before we’re ready to leave, so we eat lunch at the dock. By 1:30 there is nothing left to do but go, and begin the next segment of our Loop cruise. Somehow, despite the fact that I’m eager to get going, it seems hard to actually start. Operations that were done without thinking seem strange. We’re in transition back to life on the water, and it will take a bit before we settle into routine once again. It doesn’t help that, once clear of the dock and halfway down the marina fairway I realize that I’ve forgotten the companionway bug netting, which I’d rinsed off and left on a boat bunk to dry. Sheepishly, I come about and head back in. We nose up to the floating dock and Brandon hands us the bug net, and we’re finally able to depart.

DSCF9926I’m only planning a short run, approximately 9 miles, down to Ft. Myers Yacht Basin. We stayed there for several days just prior to our Christmas break and liked the place. This will serve well as our shake down cruise, and if we get in early enough, I’ll be able to catch some of the Seahawks playoff game. We get in a little after 3pm, get tied up, and head for the office to register. They have a TV in the boater’s lounge, so I settle in to watch the final quarter. The ‘Hawks are down 9 to nothing, but I’m not worried. In short order they pull ahead 10 to 9, but then nearly give me heart failure before holding on to win. They live to play another day.

Walking back to our boat, I notice a hard sided dinghy which is nearly awash in rainwater. They’ve gotten a lot of rain here in the pastDSCF9927 couple of days. Back where we live in semi-arid Eastern Washington, rain is an event, and a fairly rare one at that. Around here, rain is an occurance, and a frequent one at that. And I believe this is considered the dry season in Florida. We are told that last night a tornado touched down at Cape Coral, just across from Ft. Myers, and destroyed several homes. It sounds like the storm was worse here than up where we were. I sure hope we don’t get caught in another storm like last night’s.

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