Chores done; ready to go again

First of All –

  • First time using a marina courtesy car on a grocery shopping run

Namely Speaking-

  • Wal-Mart

Loop Log:

  • Miles Cruised today: 0 – Layover day 3
  • Total Miles Cruised to date: 0
  • Hours Underway: NA
  • Fuel: NA
  • Morning House Battery Reading: 13.0
  • Wind Speed: light; Wind Direction: variable
  • Daily High Temperature: 72
  • Water Temperature: 78

I wake up to the sound of rain, the first we’ve had in quite a while. I remove the bug net from the companionway and close the hatch. We eat a quick breakfast and are ready for our trip to town by 8am, which is when we’ve reserved the courtesy car. Many marinas back here have courtesy cars, which eliminates the need for costly car rentals. At Green Turtle Bay, they take a photocopy of your drivers license, and you leave a $20 deposit, which you come back and present them with a receipt for a gas purchase. Because we went together with our sailboat friend, Ron, we were able to take the car for 4 hours. We drove in to the Wal-Mart in Paducah, and were able to get almost everything we needed. We stocked up on groceries, disposable batteries and kerosene for the stove. Ron also bought groceries. The only extra stop we needed to make was at a liquor store, to replenish my supply of rum. After a stop for gas, we got the car turned back in 1/2 hour before it DSCF8019was due. Next chore is stowing all the groceries on the boat. In the afternoon I help Ron raise his mast. It’s much heavier than mine, and he uses a homemade mast raising rig. It’s quite a project, and we even had to recruit help a couple of times from another guy, but after several hours, we meet with success. Ron’s boat once again looks like a sailboat. In mid afternoon I turn my attention to installing my new combiner, so that my house battery will once again receive charge from the engine. I remove the ground bus bar to gain access to the old combiner. I undo the screw which attaches it to the boat, and start manipulating the wires, to see where they lead. As I’m doing this I notice that the red wire which serves the house batteries is loose, and upon closer examination, I discover that the ring connector at the end of this wire is dangling in space, not connected to anything. Apparently when the guy at St. Charles worked on the system and cleaned the terminals on the positive battery post, he failed to reconnect the wire from the combiner. Naturally, the thing doesn’t work worth a darn if it’s not connected. I hook the wire back up and sure enough, the engine charges the house battery just fine. I decide to leave the old combiner in service and take the special order new one back to the Ship’s Store. They accept the return and credit my charge card. I’m delighted at the prospect of having a healthy electrical system, perhaps for the first time on this trip. While I’m helping Ron raise his mast and working on the electrical system, Sandy is doing a sizeable laundry. We both finish up about the same time. Final chores involve filling both water tanks, putting the folding bikes away, and straightening things up in the boat. I grill pork chops for a quick dinner. We both grab showers, and really feel ready to resume our cruise tomorrow.

One thought on “Chores done; ready to go again

  1. LOL! Of all the cool little inlets on that stretch of land, you picked the only one designated “off highway vehicle area”. It’s amazing that there was any wildlife anywhere near that spot. 🙂 Better luck tomorrow night. Not sure how far you plan on going tomorrow, but you might want to check out a spot 17m south of where you are now, called piney bay and piney campground. There is a dock and a forest service campground. Piney outpost has basic supplies, showers and washer/dryers. 27m south of you is a place called Leatherwood resort and marina. They have a pool. Good luck and have fun!

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