Layover at Green Turtle Bay

First of All –

  • First time feeding turtles
  • First time watching a movie on the laptop on board

Namely Speaking

  • Grand Rivers

Loop Log:

  • Miles Cruised today: 0 (Layover day)
  • Total Miles Cruised to date: 821
  • Hours Underway: NA
  • Fuel: NA
  • Morning House Battery Reading: 13.2 (plugged in to shore power)
  • Wind Speed: light ; Wind Direction: southerly
  • Daily High Temperature: 85
  • Water Temperature: 79

For the first time in a week, we get to sleep in. Leisurely breakfast in the cockpit, clear sky and bright sunshine. It’s going to be warm today. I walk over to the Ship’s Store, to see what they have on hand here, and while I’m there I’m able to get a pin to my anchor bracket straightened at a repair shop behind the store. I’d managed to bend it when I bumped the anchor coming in to dock. It works good once again. Sandy takes the computer over to the office to work on her geneology project while I dive in on my charging problem. I do a series of diagnostic checks, which end up pointing the finger at the battery combiner. It’s allowing a charge to go to the ignition battery but not to the house battery. I talk with Todd and he says I can either replace the combiner or wire the two batteries togethere, with a switch that I can manually throw once I turn the engine off. He tells me the name and number for the replacement combiner. Another trip over to the Ship’s Store, and I order a new combiner. It should arrive tomorrow afternoon. I also check to see if the refrigerator temperature display, which failed early on the trip, has arrived. I’d ordered it on Monday, and it is supposed to arrive today. That actually doesn’t happen. I’m hoping I have better luck with the combiner. Since I’m on hold with repairs until parts arrive, Sandy and I head into town on the folding bikes after lunch. We stop at Patty’s restaurant and make dinner reservations for tomorrow night. They have legendary 2 inch thick pork chops and outstanding desserts. They also drive in DSCF7994 to the marina, pick you up, and then return you to the marina after dinner. We also got tickets for the Branson style theater show which is presented tomorrow night. It will be a night of dinner and theater. After a stop for ice cream we peddle back to the marina. I go for a swim while Sandy puts in a little more computer time. Before dinner we go over to the dock where the turtles congregate to beg for food. It’s pretty amazing to see 50 or more turtles paddle over to the dock, hoping you’ll toss them some food. I chucked in a stale dinner roll, and it was like a pirahna feeding fenzy. They climb all over each other chasing that dough ball around, until it’s completely gone. And it’s gone in a matter of seconds. For our dinner we grill steaks, and we dine in the cool evening air, out in the cockpit. Earlier today I picked up some DVD movies, and we’ll try watching one on the laptop tonight.

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