Oak Harbor to Cypress Island

P1180619We were all eager to begin our cruise, and got underway at 7am. Our route took us through Deception Pass, which runs at 7 to 8 knots with serious whirlpools and rip currents at peak ebb and flood. The current table predicted a slack tide at 11:10am for today, and our 7am start gave us a comfortable amount of time for the run to Deception Pass. I wanted to time our arrival for 1/2 hour before slack, so we could ride the last of the ebb out through the pass. This plan worked to perfection, and we enjoyed a comfortable, yet exciting, passage between the narrow opening and beneath the high arch of the Deception Pass bridge. P1180626 As we passed through, we gave Cameron a Whidbey Island Naval Air Station challenge coin which we had bought at Bremerton Naval Shipyard Museum. This coin has a picture of a Prowler flying past the Deception Pass Bridge on one side, and a PE Orion, the same type of plane Cameron’s dad flies in, on the other. Cameron collectsthese coins, and he was pleased to receive this special addition to his collection.


The day was sunny and bright, with just a lighty chop on the water, as we crossed past the entrance to Anacortes and entered Bellingham Channel. We kept a eye out for marine life, hoping to spot a whale, but more than satisfied with numerous harbor porpoise and seals which made an appearance near our boat. We cruised past the east shore of Cypress Island, and pulled into Eagle Harbor, on the northeast corner of the island, around 1:30pm. A substantial number of boats were moored on DNR mooring balls, but our early arrival enabled us to grab one of the last of the moorings. It was a perfect spot, closest to the beach, and in only 5 feet of water at low tide. Just made for a Macgregor.

The first chore was inflating the dinghy, so we could make a run to shore.P1180663 We went for a nice loop hike, which allowed us to stretch out and work up an appetite for dinner. We were entertained in the evening by bald eagles, who appropriately favor this namesake harbor. At dusk, I also spotted an otter who was busily exploring the water’s edge.

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