Retrieving grandson Cameron at the airport

After attending the annual Blue Water Yachts Macgregor Rendezvous over the past several days, we cruised the boat back to Oak Harbor Marina, where we had launched. I pulled the boat so I could do the initial oil change on our new outboard. After that project, we relaunched the boat and put her into a slip along the breakwater. An unwelcome discovery of water in the starboard bilge turned out to be from a leaky fitting in the Plastimo bladder water tank, located under the Vee berth. I tried my best to reseat the “O” ring fitting, but just succeeded in putting more water in the bilge. It looks like we’ll be operating on the 9 gallon main water tank for this trip, and I’ll work on the bladder tank fitting after we get home.

Around 5 pm we took a quick dinner break, and then climbed into the pickup for the drive to Seatac Airport to meet up with 11 year old grandson Cameron. Cameron’s parents put him on a flight in Honolulu earlier in the day for his first unaccompanied airline trip. It was quite adventurous for an 11 year old. We were told that it would be no problem for us to arrange, at the Hawaiian Airlines ticket counter, to obtain a pass which would enable us to go through security, so we could meet him at the jetway, as soon as he stepped off the plane. However, that plan quickly fell apart. It turns out that, at 9pm, with no outbound flights, the Hawaiian Airlines ticket counter is unmanned. We tried knocking at their office door upstairs, with no luck. I called their 800 number, and was told that they would have an agent downstairs at baggage claim. A good story, but unfortunately, completely fictional. We then walked up to the TSA guy stationed where incoming passengers enter the main terminal. I was explaining our problem to him when a guy came up to see what the trouble was. He turned out to be the Airport Duty Officer, and he did his best to get a Hawaiian Airlines representative to meet with us and give us the necessary passes. They turned out to be less than helpful, however, and by the time Camereon’s plane was on the ground, we were still stuck outside the secure area. Our Duty Officer came through, however, and volunteered to walk over to the jetway and personally escort Cameron to us. It all worked out fine, and Cameron ended up being escorted by both a Hawaiian Airlines representative and the Duty Officer. After showing my ID and signing a form, we officially took custody of our grandson and exited the airport. A short drive later, we pulled up at son Ken’s house for a welcome night’s rest.

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