March 4, 2011 – Rock Springs KOA – 7:30 am

It’s mostly clear outside, and a raw wind is blowing. It’s clocked to the northwest. The weather forecast calls for a severe storm to hit southeast Wyoming and the Nebraska panhandle on Monday night and into Tuesday. Supposed to be the most severe single storm of the winter. It looks like we’re sneaking through this area just in time. I really wouldn’t want to be here in severe low temperatures, with heavy wind driven snow. That kind of weather can become lethal in a hurry.

I fueled up in Rock Springs yesterday, just before pulling in to the KOA. I had held driving speed down to around 63 mph for most of the day yesterday, and was pleased to find my mileage had improved to 15.2 mpg for the day. I should be able to at least equal that today, with this tailwind.

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