February 27, 2011 – Serious Snow

It’s been snowing all day. The routine of shoveling a path out to the boat, then blowing the snow out of the cockpit and off the cabin roof every time I want to stow more gear, has definitely progressed well beyond the novelty stage. At church this morning, during announcements, I made a brief power point presentation to the congregation describing our cruise plans, with emphasis on our planned volunteer mission week on Eleuthra Island. The church gave us $300 to present to Bahamas Methodist Habitat on behalf of Leavenworth Community United Methodist Church when we arrive there. This afternoon I drove to Wenatchee for some last minute shopping while Sandy parked herself in front of the sewing machine to fabricate a new mosquito net cover for the forward hatch. The cover we already have won’t work when we set up the new forward hatch ventilation scoop, so we’re making one which will install from inside the cabin and which can be used with the scoop in place. Of course, creating a prototype design such as this requires frequent trips to the boat to check fit. With snow piling up at a rate of 6 inches per hour, I shovel the path and blow off the snow for each trip. Forecast is for 8 inches tonight and tomorrow, and more on the way Tuesday. It seems that winter is trying its best to hold us in her grasp. However, we’re determined to pull out Wednesday morning. I’ll be thinking of Florida palm trees and rum cokes all the while I’m shoveling the driveway.

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