March 20, 2008 – Bahai San Pedro

16.4 nm

It’s late afternoon. We’re swinging at anchor in Bahia San Pedro, a nice sheltered spot comfortably away from the buzz of San Carlos. We’re sharing the spot with a half dozen boats, both power and sail. They are undoubtedly the quietest, most laid back bunch of cruisers I’ve ever encountered. This is a very good thing, too. I’ve been fighting a cold I picked up while visiting relatives during the drive down, and I didn’t sleep well last night. Around 6 pm this evening we’ll raise anchor and make our moonlight, overnight passage across to Santa Rosalia, on the Baja side. With temperatures in the low 70’s, a light cooling breeze breathing across the bay, a completely calm sea, and the loudest sound being the water lapping up on the gravel beach, conditions were perfect for a couple catch up naps, and we both took full advantage.

The run up here from Martini Cove was most pleasant. The 50 hp purred smoothly, and I really love the feel of the new steering I installed last winter. This side trip up the coast wasn’t necessary for our route, but I thought it would serve well as a shakedown cruise, since I hadn’t had a chance to run the boat before we left home. So far, all systems are go. The new solar panel and Engel 35 frig are both working out well. When I got up this morning, the internal frig temp was 37, and the house batteries were sitting at 12.68 volts. If this keeps up, we should have no problems supporting the frig and other electrical draws, even when we hit warmer weather.

I dragged a fishing lure behind us on the run up to here, but had no luck. I don’t think I’ll bother putting a line out during the crossing. I’ve rigged a jack line from the cockpit to the bow, on the port side, and whoever is running the boat will wear both lifejacket and safety harness, clipped to the line, during the crossing. I had planned on motor sailing with the main, but given the total lack of wind today, I don’t think there will be any point in raising the sail. We’ll need to dress warmly, since the night time temps have been in the high 50’s, and we will have at least 6 knots of apparent wind, given our planned cruising speed. I have a spotlight plugged in and ready for use, and we’ll wear headlamps to see things near at hand. However, given the fact that we’re one day shy of a full moon, and the skies will be clear, I expect the visibility to be excellent. I think a 70 nm crossing, on calm seas and pleasant temperatures, under a bright moon will be an experience to remember. I’ll take the first watch, a long one, while Sandy catches some sleep below. Between 11pm and midnight, depending on how I’m feeling, I’ll wake her so I can take a break. I’ll try to snooze in the cockpit, and then, after 2 or 3 hours, take over again. At least that’s the plan. Well, dinner is almost ready, so I’ll sign off for now.

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