August 4, 2005

Third layover day in Sitka. Rained most of the day. I checked out the voltage at the motor, and it appears I have a drop between battery and motor. I couldn’t locate the splices in the power cables where they run through the bilge, and so I think I’ll just proceed as I have, and use the new jumper cables if need be. Sandy walked into town in the morning to do some shopping, and I reorganized and stowed the provision tubs in the king berth area. Thanks to her packing efforts last evening, we were able to empty 3 tubs, which is allowing for a much more efficient and roomy stowage layout. The extra space is a real luxury, one which typically accompanies the latter stages of an extended trip.

I walked into town around noon and met up with Sandy, with a little help from our little 2 way radios. Her shopping trip was a success. We had lunch at the little upstairs cafe where we ate a couple days ago. Then, back to the boat with purchases. In the afternoon we opted to walk back across town to the Raptor Recovery Center. It’s quite a hike over there. Interesting place but a bit overpriced in my view. Admission was $12 each, but after the long walk we felt obligated to check it out. They do nice work with birds of prey there, nursing them back to health and releasing to the wild whenever possible. The trail on the grounds goes by the local salmon stream, which is completely choked with pink salmon right now. I don’t think I’ll ever look as small streams in quite the same way again.

Earlier today I made phone connections with a salmon charter outfit, and booked a fishing trip for tomorrow. It’s a combination salmon and bottom fishing trip. I’m hoping for decent weather, and the forecast is encouraging. As long as the wind doesn’t kick up I’ll be happy. Hungry fish would help also.

Tonight we’re going to watch a movie on board, on our laptop, and I’ll try to turn in early, since I’ll have to rise about 4:30 tomorrow, in order to make my fishing trip.

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