June 6, 2005 – Pender Harbor, 10 pm and still light out.

A beautiful sunny day does wonders for one’s spirits. The problems of yesterday quickly fade as solutions are arrived at, and the cruise actually begins. Beautiful day on the Strait of Georgia. We motored at 6 to 7 knots much of the way, motor sailed for a couple of hours when wind permitted. Got in to Pender Harbor around 4 pm, and anchored in Gardiner Bay. Lovely spot, fair amount of development in the area, but not too imposing. Nice Marine Park shoreline next to anchorage. We dinghied ashore for a walk through the park and up the road. Enjoyed dinner in the cockpit, with sun beaming in, water like glass. Cruised 42.2 miles for the day. Longer cruise planned tomorrow. Will need to start early.

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