June 13, 2005

Underway by 8 am. Anchorage calm, but rough outside on Fitz Hugh Sound. Short period swells, 3 feet and capping. Jib cover off before starting this time, and we motor sailed across the sound, definitely more stable than pounding straight ahead under power. More settled on the west side of the sound. We were passed by the BC Ferry Queen of the North, and later met the southbound Alaska State Ferry Malaspina. Overcast all day, with periods of rain. Since the wind was on our nose, we motored after crossing the sound. Sandy took the helm all morning, which gave me time to look around and snap a few pictures. We landed at Namu around 2:30 pm. Fascinating old cannery, now non operational and deteriorating. Met a niced couple who are caretakers, very friendly, resourceful and hard working. They had a couple of huge dogs, part malamute and part wolf. Fortunately also friendly, although we were advised by a boating couple tied up at the dock that the dogs could be very territorial. After wandering through the ghost town cannery a while, we returned to the boat and continued another 3 miles to Fougner Bay, a secluded anchorage at the mouth of Burke Inlet. Found the red sailboat we had seen while crossing Queen Charolette Sound anchored there. She also shared the Fury Cove anchorage with us 2 days ago, but left yesterday, while we laid over. I think she travels under sail more than we do. Haven’t met the folks on board yet. Maybe this evening or tomorrow. They fly the Canadian flag.

Distance on the day: 36 nm

Total for trip: 296 nm

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